Monday, February 06, 2012

DS106: Make a photo of something upside down that is never seen that way.

WoodenStairsOkay this is one of a stairway that I think creates a minor bit of vertigo upside down because you only see stairs this way after a long night of St. Patrick's Day cheer or after a particularly good wedding reception.

But 4 reelz! These damn assignments are going to kill me! Do you realize that making a 50 year-old man, who is not the natural born athlete that he once was, go upside down and then take a picture is just unconscionable? I nearly broke my neck!

I had some philosophical issues with this assignment too. Eventually something by some entity will see anything upside down. It might be a bird, or some observer from another dimension or planet, or a dust mite or bug but some being will see almost everything upside down at one time or another. But we are meant to photograph things that are NEVER seen upside down. Never is a long time. Geologically, in a couple of million years, everything that we know will have changed.

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sarah said...

oooh im liking this photo