Monday, January 30, 2012

How to add Twitter to your blog

Emily D. asked me in the comments about how to add a twitter feed to a blog. This used to be easier to see at Twitter.Com. Now you have to go to the bottom of your home page in Twitter
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  1. and look for the "Resources" link
  2. When you get there, click on "Widgets" 
  3. Under "Widgets for..." click on the "My Website" link
  4. I selected "Search Widget" and entered #ds106 as my search term
  5. I changed the color and some other parameters then clicked on "Finish and Grab Code"
Now the code it gives can be used anywhere that one can use any HTML. In Wordpress, go to "Widgets" and choose "Text." Drop the code in and it will work. You may need to adjust the code for your template if the Twitter window is too wide.

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1 comment:

Emily DelRoss said...

Thanks a million for answering my question!! with those steps, it seems like even i could install it! (once i get my blog up and running after the great ds106 hack of 2012, that is!)